Chúc Mừng anh Nguyễn Khanh

Ca đoàn 1:30 xin chúc mừng anh Nguyễn Khanh vừa được bình chọn 1 trong 4 người Role Models, tháng Năm 2009 của chương trình  OUR ROLE MODELS thuộc đài Tivi LA18



May 2009 (Vietnamese)
Ken Nguyen
Founder & Chairman
Little Saigon Foundation

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Running time:  30 seconds.

OUR ROLE MODELS (sponsored by McDonalds and Toyota) honors outstanding Asians and Asian Americans, who have made an important difference in their communities and beyond. At present, the program concentrates on the Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean and Vietnamese populations.

The vignette series airs on LA18 KSCI-TV, the largest Asian television station in Southern California, reaching over 6 million households. Each 30 second spot runs repeatedly throughout an entire month, offering substantial visibility in the Asian community.


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