It’s A Girl! Chúc Mừng Nam và Noleen (Ngộ) Vừa Có Em Bé Gái

Ca đoàn TL130 xin chúc mừng Nam và Ngộ.


Welcome to our world!

Chào Mừng bé Charissa!


Here are the first few photos if you would to share with CĐTL. Nam will be posting more pictures soon and will send you the link. Everyone is doing well and we are getting some rest now. Hopefully we will be out to see everyone soon!

Thank you!

Ngo & Nam

DSC01020 DSC01029
DSC01051 DSC01057


We are overjoyed to announce the arrival of our first family addition – Charissa Khanh Bui was born at 3:49am on Saturday, May 23rd, 6.58lbs, 19”; After 14hrs in labor, she came exactly on her due date, which is only 5% of the cases ;-) we are still here at the Kaiser hospital in Irvine until tomorrow, mother and baby are doing well, and recovering. We will share pictures as soon as we can. thank you for sharing with everyone.

Nam & Ngộ


Baby Girl Bear


One Response to “It’s A Girl! Chúc Mừng Nam và Noleen (Ngộ) Vừa Có Em Bé Gái”

  1. Don Says:

    Chuc mung Nam, Ngo va Charissa. She is such a Grace.

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